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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Gibson, Mary Margaret (Shelka) (I9)
2 Charles KILGORE was born on 4 Jan 1764 in Orange County, North Carolina. He died on 20 Nov 1844 in Daviess County, Indiana.

A Charles Kilgore was listed in 1793 Russell Co., Virginia Land Tax List as owning 100 acres. Also listed in 1795 Russell County Virginia Personal Property Tax List.
Charles married Avarilla SIMPSON in Virginia. Avarilla was born about 1766. She died about 1857.


1. Hiram S. Kilgore b: 1790 in SC
2. Nancy Kilgore b: 1790 in SC
3. Winnie Kilgore b: 1794
4. Reuben Kilgore b: 1795 in WV
5. Simpson Kilgore b: 1798
6. Sarah Kilgore b: ABT. 1800
7. Charles Kilgore b: 1806
8. Stephen Kilgore b: 6 AUG 1808
9. Mary (Polly) Kilgore b: 17 JUL 1811 in Lawrence Co., IN 
Family F6234
Maria Margaretha Müller b. Nov 1734 in Dietschweiler,Kusel,Rheinland-Pfalz,Deutschland
Johann Wilhelm Müller b. Jul 1736 in Dietschweiler,Kusel,Rheinland-Pfalz,Deutschland
Johann Nikolaus Müller b. Jan 1739 in Dietschweiler,Kusel,Rheinland-Pfalz,Deutschland
Johann Adam Müller b. Before 25 Mar 1741 in Dietschweiler,Kusel,Rheinland-Pfalz,Deutschland
Johann Nikolaus Müller b. Mar 1744 in Dietschweiler,Kusel,Rheinland-Pfalz,Deutschland
Johann Michael Müller b. Oct 1747 in Dietschweiler,Kusel,Rheinland-Pfalz,Deutschland
Friedrich Müller b. Before 5 May 1750 in Dietschweiler,Kusel,Rheinland-Pfalz,Deutschland
Anna Eva Müller b. Mar 1755 in Dietschweiler,Kusel,Rheinland-Pfalz,Deutschland 
Muller, Johanne Jakob (I33253)
Marriage: WFT Est 1759-1816
John Wygal b. Wft Est 1764-1819
William Wygal b. Wft Est 1764-1819
George Wygal b. Wft Est 1764-1819
Abraham Wygal b. Wft Est 1764-1819
Mary Wygal b. Wft Est 1764-1819
Sarah Wygal b. Wft Est 1764-1819
Margaret Wygal b. Wft Est 1764-1819 
Wygal, Adam (I27024)
5 Elisabetha Webers Weber, Elisabeth (Elisabetha Webers) (I26603)
6 King and Queen co,Virginia Lea, James (I29951)
7 * MARRIAGE: ABT 1776

1. +Rebecca KILGORE
2. +Elizabeth KILGORE
3. John M. KILGORE
4. Martha Walker KILGORE
5. James M. KILGORE
6. Sarah Smith KILGORE
7. William KILGORE 
McIlhaney, Martha (I29942)
8 Child 1 : John CATESBY (b. ABT 1402)
Child 2 : Robert CATESBY (b. ABT 1404)
Child 3 : Edmund CATESBY (b. ABT 1406)
Child 4 : William CATESBY (b. ABT 1408)
Child 5 : Edward CATESBY (b. ABT 1410)
Child 6 : Margaret CATESBY (b. ABT 1412)
Child 7 : Elizabeth CATESBY (b. ABT 1414) 
Catesby, John (I30365)
9 Child 1 : Phillip DE CATESBY
Child 2 : Simon DE CATESBY
Child 3 : William DE CATESBY 
de Catesby, Sir William (I30378)
10 Dode (?) was also known as Clothilde (?).1 Became a nun at Tráeves in 612 at Tráeves, France.1 Savoy), Doda de Suavian (Swabia Or (I22302)
11 Edward II (1284-1327), Plantagenet King of England (1307-1327), whose incompetence and distaste for government finally led to his deposition and murder.

Edward was born on April 25, 1284, at Caernarvon, Wales, the fourth son of King Edward I and his first wife, Eleanor of Castile. The deaths of his older brothers made the infant prince heir to the throne; in 1301 he was proclaimed prince of Wales, the first heir apparent in English history to bear that title. The prince was idle and frivolous, with no liking for military campaigning or affairs of state. Believing that the prince's close friend Piers Gaveston, a Gascon knight, was a bad influence on the prince, Edward I banished Gaveston. On his father's death, however, Edward II recalled his favorite. Gaveston incurred the opposition of the powerful English barony. The nobles were particularly angered in 1308, when Edward made Gaveston regent for the period of the king's absence in France, where he went to marry Isabella, daughter of King Philip IV. In 1311 the barons, led by Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, forced the king to appoint from among them a committee of 21 nobles and prelates, called the lords ordainers. They proclaimed a series of ordinances that transferred the ruling power to themselves and excluded the commons and lower clergy from Parliament. After they had twice forced the king to banish Gaveston, and the king had each time recalled him, the barons finally had the king's favorite kidnapped and executed.

In the meantime, Robert Bruce had almost completed his reconquest of Scotland, which he had begun shortly after 1305. In 1314 Edward II and his barons raised an army of some 100,000 men with which to crush Bruce, but in the attempt to lift the siege of Stirling they were decisively defeated (see Battle of Bannockburn). For the following eight years the Earl of Lancaster virtually ruled the kingdom. In 1322, however, with the advice and help of two new royal favorites, the baron Hugh le Despenser, and his son, also Hugh le Despenser, Edward defeated Lancaster in battle and had him executed. The le Despensers thereupon became de facto rulers of England. They summoned a Parliament in which the commons were included and which repealed the ordinances of 1311 on the ground that they had been passed by the barons only. The repeal was a great step forward in English constitutional development, for it meant that thenceforth no law passed by Parliament was valid unless the House of Commons approved it.

Edward again futilely invaded Scotland in 1322, and in 1323 signed a 13-year truce with Bruce. In 1325 Queen Isabella accompanied the Prince of Wales to France, where, in accordance with feudal custom, he did homage to King Charles IV for the fief of Aquitaine. Isabella, who desired to depose the le Despensers, allied herself with some barons who had been exiled by Edward. In 1326, with their leader, Roger de Mortimer, Isabella raised an army and invaded England. Edward and his favorites fled, but his wife's army pursued and executed the le Despensers and imprisoned Edward. In January 1327, Parliament forced Edward to resign and proclaimed the prince of Wales, Edward III as king. On September 21 of that year Edward II was murdered by his captors at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire.

ing Edward II of England. He was murdered by having an intensely heated plumber’s iron shoved into his anus. It was part of a plot that deposed him filled with symbolism over his homosexuality.

Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedia 
England, Edward Plantagent II, King of (I25523)
12 Edward III (1312-77), king of England (1327-77), who initiated the long, drawn-out struggle with France called the Hundred Years' War.

Edward was born at Windsor on November 13, 1312, the elder son of King Edward II, of the house of Plantagenet. Involved by his mother, Isabella of France, in her intrigues against his father, he was proclaimed king after the latter was forced to abdicate in 1327. During Edward's minority, England was nominally ruled by a council of regency, but the actual power was in the hands of Isabella and her paramour, Roger de Mortimer. In 1330, however, the young king staged a palace coup and took the power into his own hands. His first step in asserting his rule, was to judicially murder Mortimer, his mother's lover, by plucking him out of his mother's bed, and then have him hanged through the Act of Attainder, and confining Isabella for the rest of her life to her home.

Edward began a series of wars almost directly after he had control of England. Taking advantage of civil war in Scotland in 1333, he invaded the country, defeated the Scots at Halidon Hill, England, and restored Edward de Baliol to the throne of Scotland. Baliol, however, was soon deposed, and later attempts by Edward to establish him permanently as king of Scotland were unsuccessful. In 1337 France came to the aid of Scotland. This action was the culminating point in a series of disagreements between France and England, and Edward declared war on Philip VI of France. In 1340 the English fleet destroyed a larger French fleet off Sluis, the Netherlands. The action resulted in a truce that, although occasionally disturbed, lasted for six years. This was the beginning of the Hundred Years War (it actually lasted 115 years until 1453).

War broke out again in 1346. Edward, accompanied by his eldest son, Edward the Black Prince, invaded Normandy and won a great victory over France in the Battle of Crâecy. He captured Calais in 1347, and a truce was reestablished. Edward returned to England, where he maintained one of the most magnificent courts in Europe. The war with France was renewed in 1355, and again the English armies were successful. The Peace of Calais, in 1360, gave England all of Aquitaine, and Edward in return renounced his claim, first made in 1328, to the French throne.

Edward continued to assert his will both domestically and abroad. In 1363 he concluded an agreement with his brother-in-law, David II of Scotland, uniting the two kingdoms in the event of David's death without male issue. Three years later Edward repudiated the papacy's feudal supremacy over England, held in fief since 1213. He renewed his war with France, disavowing the Peace of Calais. Edward decided to claim the throne of France. This time, however, the English armies were unsuccessful. After the truce of 1375, Edward retained few of his previously vast possessions in France. The king had, by this time, become senile. He was completely in the power of an avaricious mistress, Alice Perrers, who, along with his fourth son, John of Gaunt, dominated England. Perrers was banished by Parliament in 1376, and Edward himself died at Sheen (now Richmond) on June 21, 1377. He was succeeded by his grandson, Richard II.

Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedia 
England, Edward Plantegent III, King of (I25521)
13 Philip IV (of France), called The Fair (1268-1314), king of France (1285-1314), known for his conflict with the papacy. The son and successor of King Philip III, he was born in Fontainebleau. Through marriage he became the ruler of Navarre and Champagne. Between 1294 and 1296 he seized Guienne, in southwestern France, a possession of Edward I, king of England. In 1297 war ensued with England and with Flanders, England's ally. Under the terms of a truce made in 1299, Philip withdrew from Guienne and Edward withdrew from Flanders, leaving it to the French. A revolt broke out at Brugge (Bruges), however, and at the Battle of Courtrai in 1302, the French army was disastrously defeated by Flemish burghers.

The great event of Philip's reign was his struggle with Pope Boniface VII, which grew out of Philip's attempt to levy taxes against the clergy. By the bull Clericis Laicos (1296) Boniface forbade the clergy to pay taxes to a secular power, and Philip replied by forbidding the export of coins, thereby depriving the pope of French revenues. A temporary reconciliation was ended by a fresh outbreak of the quarrel when Philip arrested the papal legate in 1301 and summoned the first French Estates-General. This assembly, which was composed of clergy, nobles, and burghers, gave support to Philip. Boniface retaliated with the celebrated bull Unam Sanctam (1302), a declaration of papal supremacy. Philip's partisans then imprisoned Boniface. The pope escaped but died soon afterward.

In 1305 Philip obtained the election of one of his own adherents as pope, Clement V, and compelled him to reside in France. Thus began the so-called Babylonian Captivity of the papacy (1309-77), during which the popes lived at Avignon and were subjected to French control.

In 1307 Philip arrested Grand Master Jacques de Molay of the Knights Templars, and in 1312 he forced the pope to suppress the religious and military order. Their wealth was confiscated by the king, and many members were burned at the stake. Also, as a result of his financial needs, Philip greatly increased taxes, debased the coinage several times, and arrested the Jews and the Lombards (Italian bankers), appropriating the assets of the former and demanding large subsidies from the latter. He died October 29, 1314, at Fontainebleau. 
France, Philip IV Capet, King of (I25946)
14 Charles Mutschler was born in Grafenhausen to Ignaz Mutschler and
Carolina (Koeble). His father had died and his mother remarried so he
followed his brother Joseph to this country and to Ohio. He came from
the port of Havre on the ship Utica, Nov 17 1842, arriving at the port of
New York His brothers, August ,Ambrose,and sister Ursula followed but
on different ships. So Joseph, Charles, August, Ambrose and Ursula all
came to this country leaving their Mother and another sister still in
Grafenhausen, Baden, Germany.
He married Katherine Martin who also came from Germany. The
1859-60 Tiffin City Directory shows Mutschler, Chas. law student n s
Franklin b River and Railroad. He was 34 at this time. The 1860 census
shows him as an attorney. The 1870 census shows him as City Marshal.He
was a practicing attorney with Stein & Johnson. He served as Deputy
Sheriff. He was Director of the Infirmary. He also transacted a great deal
of business for the German settlers. He was a manger of the Seneca
Horse Guards, which never permitted a single horse thief to get away.
Seneca Advertiser Dec 13, 1895;
Charles Mutschler is Dead
- The Well Known ex-Marshal Passed Peacefully Away at Ten O'clock
Wednesday Evening. -
One of the best known men that ever claimed Tiffin as his home is
Scarcely one of the older residents of this city-or younger either for
that matter-but what knew Charles Mutschler. It is he who now lies cold
in death.
About seven months ago the deceased was attacked with what was
considered la grippe and, though of robust constitution, it seemed
inpossible to shake off what has proven his death malady. For over the
weeks he lay almost constantly at death's door and at 10 o'clock
Wednesday evening the grim reaper claimed him for his own.
Many men, who have gone before and who still live, served this city and
county long and faithfully, but none had or has a more enviable record
than that which Charley Mutschler earned through fidelity to duty and a
scrupulous regard for every trust of which he was the custodian.
During the cholera plague of '53 and '54, the deceased with the late
William Hoit and many other loyal citizens, living and dead, labored long
and hard for the relief of the afflicted and he was ever ready to lend a
helping hand, either by his means or personally, to his fellow-man in
On April 3, 1865, the deceased was elected City Marshal by a
marjority of 434 out of 584 votes cast. At the expiration of his term he
was re-elected eight times. No comment is necessary upon that point,
his continual re-election being the best evidence of his popularity and
efficacy as an officer. He was also a practicing attorney having been, for
five years, associated with Stein & Johnson, well known attorneys at
that time--previous to '85. It was while being associated with the firm
named that business engagements in the West compelled him to be much
exposed and, while being thus subject to the elementsm his hearing
became much inpaired. Mr. Mutschler also served as Deputy Sheriff under
ex-Sheriff Werley; one term as infirmary Director and as a Notary Public
transacted much business for the German settlers who came to this
county in the early days. All with whom he came in contact will readily
attest his honesty of purpose and continual desire to do the best he could
for them. his removal, from active life to the grave, removes one whose
example the rising generation will do will to emulate.
Charles Mutschler was born in Baden, Germany, January 22, 1825, and ,
not many years after, came to this country and settled in Seneca county.
He ws married January 1, 1849, and four children, Lena, Josephine, Emma
and Frank, blessed the union. Of the children, only the two latter survive
and to them and their grief stricken mother is extended the heartfelt
sympathy of a wide circle of friends.
The funeral services will be held in St Josephs church at 9 O'clock
Saturday morning. 
Mutschler, Charles "Carolous" (I17131)
15 David Jones born 1892 was grandson. Lived next door to Andy "F A".He
was a stone cutter in Perham. Married to Mary Anna Warnvet b. 1881-2.
Both born in Ohio.

Newspaper article following;
On Saturday evening last, in Rush's saloon in Perham, August Mutschler,
a well known saloon keeper of that place, was shot dead by John C.
Sterner under circumstances we were able to glean from the prisoner
himself and Deputy Sheriff Butler who brought Sterner to the county jail.
Sterner an unmarried man, reported to the village council recently that
Mutschler told him that if the council raised the liquor license so high as
to exclude him from keeping a saloon that he (Mutschler) would burn up
the town. The council ordered papers made out for Mutschler's arrest.
Sterner was warned that he was in danger of assault from Mutschler,
who was known to b,e a fighting man, while Sterner, who armed himself,
is not strong nor in vigorous health.
When Mutschler entered the saloon Saturday evening he at once made
for Sterner with abusive language. Sterner said he would defend himself.
There were blows and Sterner drew his revolver and fired. The struggle
continued before Mutschler fell to the floor. Sterner walked to Sam
Walace's store,stated he had shot Mutschler, and gave up his pistol.
Mutschler, August (I17117)
16 Henry went to Oregon and died 1969. He is buried near his Mother Rosa
Mutschler in the cemetary in Sublimity, Oregon
His son Harry lived in the Sublimity Oregon area and died in Eugene,
Stayton, Ore 
Mutschler, Henry Joseph (I17157)
17 CAUTION - Runyon/Runyan researchers should use caution i n that much confusion exists as to t he identity of the fat her of this John Runyan. The information on this Runyan lin e comes fro m sources which should be viewed by researcher s with caution and as sometimes questionable. This line i s based upon information from Page 159 of "Pioneers of Ol d Hopewell, with Sketches of her Revolutionary Heroes" By R alph Ege, Runyon Family Group Sheets by Doris L. (Coriel l ) Horvath, and information which over the years appeare d in Geri Halstead's "Under The Runyon Tree". Runyan, John (I19050)
18 (Hueber, Fees) Zehe, Anna Maria (I29837)
19 (Medical):It is Said that the Exploted. PHIPPS, Azzie (I14435)
20 (Ratliff?)

Was a Cherokee Indian. 
Lafferty, Ellie "Ella" (I23495)
21 (Research):1900 Ok Federal Census Dewey Co., Okla, Sicle Tw sp. Abercrombie, Andrew J. W Dec 1852 age 47 Ga.
Francis L. Wife May 1853 age 4 7 Tn
Hattie G. Daug Jun 1882 ag e 17 Tx
Robert Y. Son Sep 1888 age 1 1 Ks
Sadie J. Daug Sep 1890 ag e 9 Ks 
ABERCROMBIE, Andrew Jackson (I14717)
22 (Research):1930 Census living in Blackwell, Kay Co., Ok. wi th Grand Daughter Orpha (Shanley) Crain. McALISTER, Frances Lorraine (Fannie) (I14716)
23 (Research):1930 Oklahoma Fed. Cen. Dewey Co., Boyd Twsp., R oll # T626_1898, Date 10 Apr 1930, Sup. # 1, Enum. # 22-2 , Sheet # 5 A, Page 133, lines 28-33

Abercrombie, Robert Y. age 44 age first m. 2 2 b. Ks Farmer, Farm
Effa age 36 age f irst m. 18 b. Ia.
Violet C. age 1 4 b. Ok
R Y ag e 9 b. Ok
Forest ag e 7 b. Ok
Bobby W. ag e 1 b. Ok


Funeral Home Record -- SSN 445-38-7651 Age 75 year s 4 months 2 days 
ABERCROMBIE, Robert Young (I14715)
31 82 82 PHIPPS Wm. 66 M Farmer 1,736 VA
33 82 82 PHIPPS Temperance 50 F VA
32 82 82 PHIPPS Casandra 19 F VA
34 82 82 PHIPPS Lucy 16 F VA
35 82 82 PHIPPS Sally 13 F VA
36 82 82 PHIPPS Louisa 10 F VA
37 82 82 PHIPPS Martha 7 F VA 
PHIPPS, William "Bill" (I13048)
25 (Research):John was once rumored to be the father of John R ockefeller based on a book on the Standard Oil Company by I da Tarbell. In the book, The Banditti of the Prairies by Ed ward Bonny, there is a chapter on Shack Phipps and his asso ciations with outlaws as a younger man. He became involve d with the Long gang through his wife Mary Long. This gan g was responsible for the murder of Colonel Davenport the f ounder of Davenport, IA. Her cousins Aaron and John Long we re hung for his murder.

Although disputed Eli and John were listed as the oldest se t of twins by Guinness Book of World Records.

"John M. Phipps split rails to earn $200.00 with which he b ought his freedom from his father, at the age of 18, so tha t he could be his own boss and accumulate whatever propert y he could earn." "He married and moved to Missouri where t hey lived for years, and knew Jesse James and his band an d often recalled incidents of those days a century ago." "S ettled in Fremont County, (IA) coming here from Independanc e, Missouri. In late 1876 Mr. Phipps met Mr. Kaster (a Morm on with farming interests in Fremont County) and they discu ssed a trade of the Phipps land held in Missouri for the la nd owned by Mr. Kaster in Fremont County. Ther Deal was mad e and the abstract recorded." "He joined the Shenandoah (IA ) Elks Lodge at the age of 100, and was accredited with bei ng the oldest Elk in the organization."

"John had a gold handled cane and would walk down the railr oad track to Shenandoah when he was 100. 
PHIPPS, John "Shack" Meshach (I15568)
26 (Research):Moved to Seattle from Mass. in the 1920's. MORHOUS, Elbert W. (I14191)
27 (Research):Obit -

Jessie Abercrombie

Hennessey - Graveside service for Jessie Mae Abercrombie, 7 1, will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Memorial Park Cemetery, E nid, the Rev. Bill Hugueley will officiate. Arrangements a re by Cordry-Sission funeral Home.

She was born Sept. 29, 1922, at Ames to John and Nellie Smi th Hoisingtion and died Monday, Nov 22, 1993, at Vencor Hos pital, Oklahoma City. She and Arley Abercrombie were marri ed July 17, 1945, in Enid. she dedicated her entire life t o her family.

Surviving age her husband; two daughters, Pamela Peterman a nd Regena Vassar, both of Hennessey; seven grandchildren; a nd six great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents, two sisters an d one great-grandson. 
HOSINGTON, Jessie May (I14747)
28 (Research):Obit for Alzada Jannetta Cline Abercrombie
Funeral services for Alzada Jannetta Cline Abercrombie, 7 3 year old Fay, Oklahoma resident were held on Tuesday, Dec ember 26, 2000 at 2:00 p.m. at the Fay Auditorium in Fay, O klahoma with Rev. Larry Harlan officiating. Burial was hel d on Thursday, December 28, 2000 at 1:00 p.m. in the Mt. Ho pe Cemetery northeast of Fay, Oklahoma under the directio n of Lockstone Funeral Home of Thomas.
Alzada was born on May 11, 1927 to Harry and Hercile Carnah an Cline northwest of Fay, Oklahoma and died on Sunday, Dec embver 24, 2000 in Fay, Oklahoma.
Alzada was involved in numberous community organizations. S he enjoyed crocheting, baking bread a visiting with famil y and friends.
Her parents Harry and Hercile Cline preceded her in death.
She is survived by her husband, Forrest Abercrombie of th e home; children, Daleene Caldwell and her husband, Larry o f Stillwater, Oklahoma. Rush Abercrombie of Fay, Oklahoma , Eldora Horton and her husband, Dwaine of Thomas, Oklahoma , Robin Meyer and her husband Chuck of Weatherford, Oklahom a; grandchildren Shane Caldwell, Dorrin Caldwell and Brand i Caldwell of Stillwater, Oklahoma, Shawna, Abbey and Natal ie meyer of Weatherford, Oklahoma, and Jennifer Meyer of De l City, Oklahoma; great grandchildren, Tyler and Alyssa Cal dwell of Stillwater, Oklahoma; two brothersa, Truman Clin e and his wife Iva Lois of Mendenhall, Mississippi and Denn is Cline and his wife Mary of Sulphur, Louisiana; and man y nieces and nephews; other relatives and friends.
Cheyenne Star, Cheyenne, OK 
CLINE, Alzada Jennette (I14788)
29 (Research):SS Death Index Search Results --- Effa Abercr ombie b. 14 May 1892 d. Apr 1983 Last Residence 7364 6 (Fay, Dewey, Ok), SSN 441-64-1065, Issued Oklahoma

Stinson family information came in a e-mail from David Leo n Phillps -- He got it from a Family Tree Maker File - - It came from Volume 11, tree1983 
STINSON, Effa Eldora (I14714)
30 21,Aug.1920 I have two dates for his births.??abt.1881 Hi s death certificate list him as 90 yrs old at time of dea t h 03/18/1971 which would make him born in the year 1881. Wi ll check furt her. PERKINS, Ralph G. (I15918)
31 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. COX, Dorothy (I15569)
32 299 Provided year. STINSON, James Alfred (I14666)
33 A Methodist minister. He was a president of a college in Atlanta, Georgia. Haines, Charles H. (I19165)
34 abt 1768/1770 PHIPPS, Aaron (I16149)
35 Ben,Fought in the 1st World War. And is buried in the Perki ns cemetery in Morgan County,Ky. PERKINS, Benjamin H. (I15871)
36 Billy is in an unmarked but identified by complier recor d s of Ronald Perkins,of Hazel Green,Ky. PERKINS, Billy (I15879)
37 Bishop Leutwinus of Tráeves was also known as St. Liâevin. He was ordained in 685 at Tráeves, France, Bishop.3 de Treves, Saint Leutwinus (Lievin) Bishop (I22628)
38 Buried in John Perkins Cemetery,Morgan Co.Ky. OSBORNE, Elizabeth Pearl (I15923)
39 Calvary United Methodist Church, Stratford, IA DAHLEIN, Rena (I14897)
40 CARTER, MRS. N., 38, farmer, native of Ark, 7 children, Bet hel, Bettie, Anna, Bryan, Dewey, Aubrey and Grace, Baptist . Above are notes from directory of Randolph County, Ar. 19 10; compiled by L.F. Blankenship TIPTON, Susan Annette (I14980)
41 CAUTION - Several Current genealogies list this Benjamin wi th two wifes, a Mary ? and Anna Higgins. Accounts list Mar y as a widow of and administrator of the estate of Benjamin , and also Benjamin on his death leaving by will to his wif e "... Anna Runyan, all the goods she brought to me, and th e profits of my plantation, to bring up those of my childre n that are under age,..."

It appears the records of two compleatly different Benjami n Runyon's have somehow been combined into one record.

A person can't die twice and have two different estates, s o we have to be talking about two different Benjamin Runyon 's, one who married Mary ?, who later became Mary Fish, an d a second Benjamin who married Anna Higgins.

Benjamin Runyon son of John Vincent Runyon was the Benjami n who married Mary ?, and was born on June 16,1704 in Pisca taway, Middlesex County, NJ., and died about 1776/7 in Some rset County, New Jersey.

The Benjamin Runyon (Runyan) who married Anna Higgins had t o be born after 1704 because his will dated January 29, 177 6 and proved February 12, 1776 left to his "...Wife Anna Ru nyan, all the goods she brought to me, and the profits of m y plantation, to bring up those of my childern that are und er age...". To have more than one child under age in 1776 , we would have to estimate that this Benjamin was born bet ween 1725 and 1738.
provided by Ira A. Runyan via RootsWeb Posing. 
Runyon, Benjamin (I19107)
42 Census of Kentucky 1880 George W. Perkins..........27Ky. Ma ry A.----------------------------22 Jasper L.-------------- -----------06 Margaret J.----------------------04 Lavisa--- --------------------------02 Monroe------------------------ ---4 1/2 Months PERKINS, George Washington (I15836)
43 Congregational Church PHIPPS, John "Shack" Meshach (I15568)
44 Copy of Marriage License from Court House in Blaine Co., Ok a Clyde H. Clinton, age 25, color white, place of birth Okl a, residence Geary, Okla Violet C. Abercrombie, age 19, col or white, place of birth Okla, residence Fay, Okla

CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE --------------- State of Oklahoma , Blaine County, ss: I, Ollie G. Matthews, Minister, Bapti st of Watonga in Blaine County, Oklahoma, do hereby certif y that I joined in marriage the persons named in and author ized by this License to be married on the 1st day of Marc h A. D., 1934 at Watonga in Blaine County, Oklahoma, in th e presence of Dr. T. A. Hill of Watonga, Okla. and James H . Matthews of Watonga, Okla. 
Family F5226
45 Copy of Marriage License from Court House in Blaine co., Ok la Robert Y. Abercrombie, age 22, color white, place of bir th Kansas, residence Fay, Okla. Effie Stinson, age 18, colo r white, place of birth Iowa, residence Fay, Okla

CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE ----------------- The State of Okla homa, ss; I, Clarence E. Heaton, Minsiter, Methodist Church , of Oakwood, in Dewey county, Oklahoma, do hereby certif y that I joined in Marriage, the person named in and Author ized by this License to be Married, on the 3 day of March A . D., 1911 at near Fay in Blaine County, Oklahoma, in the p resence of Mabel Mougingo and Permeia Heaton. 
Family F5224
46 Daniel W. was also a Rev. of some Church ?? His death cert i ficate # is 38 18938,He was in a Hospital in Frenchberg,K y prior to hi s death,called Frenchberg Hospital. PERKINS, Daniel W. (I15875)
47 DIED AT HOSPICE OF DAYTON Pierce, Lillie G. (I20876)
48 Died of dehydration in nursing home after years of Alzheime rs disease. SSN# 449-18-9363. Veteran of WWII. Served in t he US Navy - Stationed aboard the USS Cabot. Named his so n Lewis Cabot Casinger after the carrier. CASINGER, Lewis Carter (I15008)
49 Duke Godefroy of Allamannia died before 710.1
He was seen between 679 and 708.2 
Allamannia, Godefrid D'alemanie, Duke of (I28368)
50 Eliza was the 3rd child of Joseph and Mary (Hume) Shaw of Livingston County, NewYork. The y were married by Rev. Dr. Sampson on October 20, 1838 at Marion County, Indiana. Family F7134

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